Sunken Garden and Spears Bridge


In early March 2005 the Friends of Ware Priory adopted the sunken garden area either side of the small water tributary which is spanned by the Spears Bridge (see below).


The idea was to enhance the area by planting whatever would thrive in the very poor soil, and the deep shade caused by the tree canopy.  


The trees were trimmed to improve the light reaching the garden, wooden and ironwork seating was put in, an ironwork arch for climbing plants was added and a recycled stone “half urn” was installed.


A plaque was displayed on the wall to record this event and it has recently been replaced with a new one.  A roundel plaque in the same area records the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.


At the suggestion of the Trustees we agreed, at our summer meeting, to purchase an ornamental urn for the front lawn flower bed. It is now in place and has looked magnificent throughout the summer. The half-urn is planted twice a year to reflect the seasons.

The Spears Bridge, as it is known, was installed in May 2015 replacing

an old unsafe bridge.  


Extensive groundworks were needed before the bridge could be

installed. The Friends were instrumental in obtaining the majority of

the funds needed from The Spears Charitable Trust with additional

funding from The Friends of Ware Priory.  Mr Francis Spear kindly

attended the opening ceremony.  


Most of the boulders you see around this area are known as Pulham stone, which has a long and interesting history.  You can read about Pulham stone on the related information board which Friends of Priory funded and installed in September 2011.


This project is now complete for its current phase.