Information from The Friends of Ware Priory Committee Meeting, 10th November 2021


A.G.M. date fixed for Friday March 18th 2022, 7.00pm, Hadsley Room;

Subscription is currently £5.00 per person, for 2022, to be reviewed at AGM 2022;

Spring Fundraising event was briefly discussed, perhaps a quiz, in Fletchers Lea in April;

Friends will participate in the Leaside Church Christmas Tree Festival this year 3rd and 4th December;

FoWP agreed to pay towards repainting of Spears Bridge;

The skate park is under construction and progressing well.Official opening at Easter 2022.


News from the Town Clerk

  • new equipment will be put in the play area next year;

  • a ‘self-cleaning’ toilet facility will be provided, exact location not yet agreed but will be accessible to public;

  • electric vehicle charging points will be installed;

  • Fletchers Lea will be re-designed to allow for partitioning into rooms, and furniture will be refurbished;

  • The Conservatory will be refurbished along with the commercial kitchen and bar. The air conditioning will also be changed.