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Quiz Night - we held our "spring" Quiz Night on Friday 22nd April in Fletchers Lea.  Congratulations to "The Late Comers" on their winning display, and to Sean Shaw for putting together and presenting a testing and entertaining quiz. Overall, the event added just over £500 to our funds - so a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable, as well as profitable, evening.


Ware Royal British Legion Centenary Event.

On Sunday 25th July, Kate Bellinis, Deputy Lieutenant Of Hertfordshire, unveiled “Tommy”, a silhouette installation in the Priory Grounds to celebrate the centenary of Ware Royal British Legion. The Friends have provided three Peace Roses to accompany “Tommy”, which will blossom in the coming years.

Some pictures from the event have been added to the Friends Flickr site and can be seen by clicking on the link above.


Berm revamp –  Update 29/07/21  - We are revisiting the Berm area now that the work done earlier has settled down.  There is a lot of Ground Elder in the beds in the area and we need to deal with this before replanting.  


On 12th May, the “Wednesday Volunteers” arrived to revamp the Berm planting.  The Berm is the area opposite the bridge to the Bowling Club under the Horse Chestnut trees.  We bought a selection of suitable plants, including Ragged Robin, Liguilaria, & Marsh Marigolds, which will establish over time and should provide some colour to the area.  The “volunteers” cleared some of the over-growing plants, tree saplings and general “debris” – including a broken child’s scooter!  They also cleared as much of the ground Elder from the adjacent borders and generally tidied the area.


We provided lunch for the team which went down well I am led to believe!


Thanks to Eric & the team for their hard work, it is very much appreciated. Some images taken on the day will be added to the Flickr gallery (link above).


Spears Bridge – the bridge has been repainted & the colour changed from red to black to match the bridge across the river to the performance /stage area.


25th Anniversary of restoration work. We hope to have a section in the exhibition Mr J Wing is doing at Ware Museum to celebrate 25th anniversary of the restoration of The Priory.

More details as we get them